Hi everyone!! It’s Molly Thompson-Smith (@mollyts123 ) here taking over for the day🤩 For my first post I wanted to give you some info about my background and my climbing journey so far!
As a young kid I wanted to do (and be good at) everything - especially sports. My brother and I would choose a different sport for each birthday & we’d try that one out. By the time I was 7, I wanted to have a go at climbing - I didn’t know much about it, other than the fact that I lived right next to a climbing wall in my local sports centre.
I immediately felt pulled in by climbing - it challenged me in new ways to other sports, and the competitiveness was with myself & the wall rather than other people. I’ve always struggled to be a good team player, so I liked how everything was down to the decisions I made on the wall & the training I wanted to put it.

At the age of 12, I made it on to the GB youth climbing team. Having the privilege of travelling around the world at a young age and meeting new people is something that has really shaped who I am today & I count myself lucky for having access to all of those opportunities. Climbing kept me focused as a kid, and gave me goals I wanted to work hard for. 
I haven’t stopped competing since then, and now climb full time with the support of some great companies. For at least the first half of my climbing years, I was just a gym kid; growing up in London with parents who didn’t climb, and not really knowing where to start in the outdoors left me uninterested & even a little afraid of feeling out of place! But as I’ve gotten older I’ve fallen in love with it & value the different feelings it gives me to what I get climbing on plastic.

I always struggle to choose an achievement I’m most proud of. But for me there are two defining moments I look back on with the most pride: 
1. My first medal at a Lead World Cup🥉This was the first time I really could consider myself to be ‘good’ at climbing. I’ve always struggled with self belief, so to have concrete evidence that I could be successful at a high level was really important for me. This helped me to know I was ‘on the right track’ in life & want to commit to climbing professionally! And I worked harder than I thought possible that season!
2. A lot of you have probably seen these pictures already... but if you haven’t - I’m warning you! They’re graphic! Coming back from my triple pulley rupture is probably one of my greatest life achievements. It tested me in so many more ways than I could’ve imagined & I came away definitely a different person & climber!! Climbing is & was my everything, and to have my relationship with it change completely was devastating. I’m proud I kept going through the lows and tough times, and came out of the other side!🙂

I have a lot I’d like to achieve in the next few years! I still plan to compete for several more years, and it’s always been a goal or mine to win a Lead Climbing World Cup🇬🇧
Ever since I was a child, I’ve been a mega fan of the Olympics & always dreamed of being there myself one day. So over the next few years I’ll work hard to have the chance to qualify for the Paris Olympic Games🇫🇷 But I’ve also high ambitions for outdoors. Eventually I’d like to set a new level for female British sport climbing, but for now reaching the 9a milestone is something I’d like to achieve!
But most importantly, I want to help create a safe space within climbing for people of colour to feel accepted and comfortable in. I don’t want to be someone who ‘stands out’ in the next few years, and I don’t want a lack of role models or diversity to be a reason a young boy or girl doesn’t decide to go to a climbing wall one day. So my ultimate goal is to help encourage a community I’d have felt more relaxed in as a young girl.


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